Our services

We make video-making a simple process.

We produce cool concepts to captivate and excite your audience.

In today's world, video is the secret sauce for marketing, communication, and training. We whip up top-notch videos using cutting-edge gear and our in-house wizardry, with specialists jazzing up every creative and techie aspect.

From Script to Screen

Our writers and directors blend corporate savvy with creativity to craft scripts and storyboards that resonate. Even when tackling technical topics, our copywriters simplify them, ensuring smooth communication in every production.

Professional Production

Our technical crews carry out the production with pro finesse, keeping the flow smooth from start to finish. From gear setup to wrap-up, they nail every detail, delivering a top-notch footage.


After the shoot, our post-production wizards work their magic, weaving together footage, sound, and effects to bring your vision to life. We polish, refine, and deliver excellence every time.

Get a flavour of our work

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Egrade Contractors Corporate Video

Paprika World Video for Olympics 2020

Carl Zeiss CSR Highlight

Jocie Kuo Music Video


Jungle Jingle Episodic

Wayang Toons Epiodic

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