We have a knack for creating contents that are inspired by Asian cultures that bring a vibrant tapestry of tradition, wisdom, and heart to audiences worldwide.

《The Rising Sun Bear》Documentary Film (In development)

Duration: Estimated 90 minutes


This documentary chronicles a spirited Bornean sun bear, rescued and rehabilitated in a conservation center. It unveils its transformative journey—from rigorous rewilding training to its triumphant release into the lush Bornean rainforest. As it emerges as a living symbol of conservation success, the film captures its role as an architect of the rainforest, contributing to biodiversity through seed dispersal and natural harmony. Through breathtaking cinematography, poignant storytelling, and a captivating soundtrack, the documentary is a celebration of resilience, rewilding, and the interconnectedness of all life in the delicate ecosystems of Borneo.

《Wa Is For Wayang 戏曲娃娃》Short Film

Cast: Denzyl Dhamma, Sankari Elavalahan, Liu Hu Chen

Duration: 35 minutes



A boy loses a kiddie bet with his classmates and as a forfeit, finds himself facing a challenge to learn Chinese Opera in three weeks. The catch is: he is not a Chinese but an Indian! Can he master the art in time when all odds are against him -- language, culture and a disapproving mother?

《Wayang Boy 戏曲小子》Feature Film

Duration: 101 minutes

Cast: Denzyl Dhamma, Law Karying, Michelle Yim, Kym Ng, Chen Tianwen, Chantel Liu, Chua Enlai



Having just arrived in Singapore from India, Raja encounters hostile new schoolmates and their xenophobic parents, who are affected by the influx of "foreign talents" in the country. He soon gets into trouble and is deceived into joining an unofficial Chinese opera club. Mayhem breaks loose when the Chinese opera performance suddenly becomes the centerpiece for a Royal visit with Raja chosen as the lead performer. Will Raja rise to the occasion against all odds, and eventually call Singapore his home?

《The Wayang Kids 戏曲总动员》Feature Film

Cast: Austin Chong, Lorena Gibb, Eli Shih, May Phua, Christopher Downs

Duration: 87 minutes



An unlikely friendship develops when a Eurasian girl from China, Bao Er, enrolls into a primary school and befriends an autistic classmate, Open. Baoer is quick to notice that Open is gifted in Chinese opera and suggests to his father for Open to be the lead in the school’s international Chinese opera performance, as the traditional art opens up Open. With the important cultural show at stake, will Open eventually rise up to the occasion and perform on stage?

《Little Wayang Kid 戏曲男孩》Bilingual Picturebook

ISBN: 9789810911256



Raja, a good-natured and active boy, is expected by his parents to pick up an activity for his development. Little do they know Raja chooses to practice Chinese opera. Can he go against all odds: language, culture, and his disapproving mother to master the craft? Join Raja as he ventures into the fascinating performance in “Little Wayang Kid”.

《The Young Martial Artist 小小武术家》Bilingual Picturebook

ISBN: 9789811844034



This is a story of a boy named Yu Wei who meets a girl named Rohana on his first day of school. They both love books, especially magical stories about martial arts. Yu Wei and Rohana bond over a book where a monkey comes to life to teach them wisdom and wushu.

《Open: A Boy's Wayang Adventure》Novel

ISBN: 9789811150289

Author: Eva Wong Nava


Open is a 10-year-old boy with a curiosity for life and the things that happen around him. He is on the autism spectrum and loves to draw. He is especially good at drawing monkeys. When his class is selected to perform in a Chinese Opera based on the Monkey King and the Journey to the West, Open must find it in himself to overcome his obstacles and boldly step on stage. A heartwarming story about friendship beyond barriers, Open is a gift calling to the largeness of our hearts.


ISBN: 9789672088004