Our team

We blend impactful storytelling with creative solutions. With backgrounds in feature films, commercials, documentaries, and short films, our team excels in crafting narratives that captivate the audiences.

Raymond Tan (Producer/Director)

An engineer by training but a filmmaker at heart - that is best to describe Raymond. Not having a media degree, he picked up film knowledge from ground zero and directed a short film "Wa Is For Wayang" in 2011. He loves examining cultural themes and social issues, which shows in his first two award-winning movies “Wayang Boy” and “The Wayang Kids”. The latter was shown in 20 countries and awarded Best Feature in Ojo de Pescado Festival in Chile in 2020. Besides being a filmmaker, Raymond also provides filmmaking training in schools since 2016 and have since helped many students accumulate their video works in their portfolios.

Roger Tan (Producer/Educator)

Was with the Ministry of Education for 22 years as a teacher and Head of Department (HOD). He graduated with 1st Class Honours in the course he took in the University of Queensland and received the National Day Award (Commendation Medal). He has vast experience in planning, monitoring and engaging students and staff in learning. During his service in a school, he was instrumental in developing the school’s Character Development and Pupils’ Wellbeing Frameworks and in achieving the school’s Best Practice Award (Student All-Round Development). Beyond school, he has conducted training for Physical Education staff in School Cluster (11 schools), attended a conference at Boston (USA) and led a team on a research project for National Innovation and Quality Circles (Silver Award).

Portfolios as Directors
Short Film

Wa is For Wayang (2011) Trailer

Feature Films

Wayang Boy (2014) Trailer

The Wayang Kids (2018) Trailer

David Stump (Director of Photography/VFX Specialist)

David is a decorated professional, securing Academy Awards for Scientific and Technical Achievements and earning multiple Emmy Awards. Rooted in Los Angeles, he serves as a staunch advocate for cutting-edge technologies, particularly championing advancements in virtual production. He relentlessly pursue the latest innovation in the entertainment industry.

Portfolios (VFX Specialist)
Feature Films

James Bond 22 – A Quantum of Solace, Into the Blue, The Game of Their Lives, Garfield, X-Men 2, Sizzling Kung Fu Mice, Panic Room, The Bourne Identity, The One, Men of Honor, Pluto Nash, Hollow Man, X-Men, Navy Diver, Deep Blue Sea, Stuart Little, Soldier, Blade, U.S. Marshals, The Sphere, Contact, Batman & Robin, Mars Attacks!

Nana Zheng (Drone Specialist)

A skilled drone pilot, Nana elevates storytelling with breathtaking aerial perspectives and mesmerizing visuals. With a focus on precision and creativity, Nana's work transcends boundaries, contributing a unique and captivating dimension to the world of aerial cinematography.

Portfolios (Drone Specialist)
Feature Films

Jackie Chan’s “Vanguard”, Dante Lam’s “Red Sea”, Jiang Wen’s “Gone with the Bullets”, etc